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Xender App: Gone are the days when we had used Bluetooth for files transfer from one mobile to another which would actually take some minutes for complete transfer. Lots new apps has been released in the market now which are very convenient to transfer any files from mobile to mobile using wifi connectivity.

One of the best Apk Android app to transfer files from mobile to mobile is Xender App, it’s fast protect and more reliable than others.Follow the guide below to learn about this app and how to install it on theAndroid mobile.

How to Download Xender App for Android and iOS :

Xender name was consequent of “sender” and it is the best File Transfer App used to transfer and receive the files from mobile to mobile at free of cost. It can share files from mobile toPC or any further device. It also provisions cross-platform I.e., Android and iOS is likewise believable with this app which is the mesmerizing feature for users.To transfer, there is no requirement of the net in both the devices.

how to download xender app

Xender App can even displace Bluetooth totally in future as it is a great deal quicker than it. It can modify the way we share and receive files from mobile to mobile and saves lot of time. Using it, we can share or receive all that we want. In a couple taps, we can share music, recordings, pictures, and all applications. It is available for both Xender App for Android and iOS gadgets.This is a remarkable app to share files between two devices operating at two unique stages. You can share documents between our mobiles and PC, MAC or Chrome-book.Some of the best features of Xender are listed beneath.

Features of Xender App for Android and iOS:

xender app features


  • Transfer and Receive files from one mobile to other.
  • Transfers the files from PC/Mac to Android phones.
  • Transfer files from iOS/Windows to Android phones.
  • The user can transfer anything i.e. apps, music, movies, photos and etc.
  • Supports cross-platform sharing/transfer i.e. user can simply transfer from windows mobile or android mobile toIOS or PC/Mac.
  • Very fast and protected.
  • The user can send files in a group by just selecting them.

Steps to Download Xender Apk for Android and iOS:

  • So here are some easy steps which you’ll need to follow keeping in mind the end goal to download Xender for android:
  • Downloading directly from GooglePlay Store: You can directly go to Google play store on your android mobile and search for the Xender Apk and download it from there.
  • Once you have searched for Xender in Google play store, you’ll be required to select Xender and click on install.A new pop-up will be displayed on the screen and you need to click on accept and continue to download the app.
  • Once you’ve accepted the above popup, the download will be start.

Steps to Install Xender  Apk for Android and iOS :

  • Now that you have downloaded the app next step is to install by just opening it.
  • If you have downloaded the app from the Google playstore, it will automatically be install on your android.
  • Once you’ve installed the Xender Apk on your android mobile a new shortcut will be generate on home screen.
  • The user can also transmit the files from old mobile to new mobile which is called as “Phone Replicate”.
  • Open the app at your ease and transfer any files you like at your finger tip.

How to download and install Xender App for your iPhone 4/5c/5s/6 and Windows Mobile?

Xender is accessible for iOS and Windows and is simple to use and a proficient app which allows you to send tremendous files in a short span of time. This app is also available for iPhone, if you are looking for Xender App for iOS version then you can simply search the app name on your iTunes and install it from there. If you are looking for Windows version of this app, then search the same on windows store and download it from there. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can track the routine procedure to install it the app and start using it.

One of the best things of xender app is that it comes absolutely free of cost and haven premium variants. It indicates that you won’t be pestere over and over by getting got some information about moving Upton paid version. If you are looking for fast files transfer from mobile to mobile then you must go for Xender app.This post is a totally devoted to Xender APP, so if you have any queries you can send to us via the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Features of Xender for iOS | How to Download Xender for iOS

Xender for iOS: Xender is the widely used product application that makes transfer of files and larger data breezing and hassle free. The application allows the users to share extensive volume of information and data between gadgets with ease. Typically, Smartphone users make use of Bluetooth to transfer files and data between gadgets which is not only time consuming, but also makes exchange of document quite complicated at times. To counteract such issues, Xender has been introduced that has revolutionized the way we transfer data today.

The application works smoothly on multiple platform including Android gadgets, Windows PC, MAC PCs and also on iOS gadgets. Xender for iOS has been designed to handle substantial amount of data and information between two devices and it has the ability to transfer data at rapid pace.

Features of Xender for iOS:

xender for ios

Xender for iOS is faster compared to all other sharing application for mobile devices. It makes use of Wi-Fi to find gadgets close to it and authorizes rapid sharing of information between gadgets having Xender application. This application doesn’t use NFC or near field correspondence to exchange or transfer data. It can share and exchange any type of data, information, records, archive, music, videos, movies, recordings, images and even application between gadgets at lighting fast speed without versatile information use. Some of the other features of Xender for iOS include:

  • It is more quicker and speedier than Bluetooth in regards to information exchange and acts excellently through preparing.
  • This can exchange record of Android gadgets and then Android to iOS without any unsettling influence.
  • Empowers to send huge volume of data through Xender application for iOS.
  • Its can share and exchange records, archive, recordings, videos, pictures, applications and more between gadgets at lightening fast speed.
  • You will never experience the occurrence of time postponement in Xender for iOS.
  • It never uses portable information for information exchange.
  • It is more astute and less demanding compared to other sharing apps.
  • No close field correspondence is use with Xender, instead it makes use of wireless association for exchanging and sharing information.

xender for ios

  • It offers up to 100Mbps speed.
  • You can exchange and share to get records right away between iPhone, Android phone, PC and Macintosh
  • Record sharing velocity is really quick or ultra pace in Xender for iOS.

How to Download Xender for iOS:

Xender is compatible with all iOS phones and Mac. You can download the application from the Apple App Store of your phone and start using it. To download the Xender for iOS you need to follow certain steps that are mention below:

  • Download and introduce the Xender for iOS application from the App Store.
  • After introducing you need to open the application and create a profile by filling the points of interest of you as they requested and create the profile of yours.
  • Now you can start sending and receiving data and files from other iOS phones having Xender application.
  • To exchange and share data you need to launch the Xender application in both the gadgets which you want to associate or with link.
  • After launching the application, tap on the interface compassions and after that make a bunch of file in Xender that you want to send to other gadget.
  • Now start the search for the gadget close to you to send the data and information.

xender for ios

  • Now you need to tap the name of the gadget that you want to associate with and the application will start sending the data and information which you have already selected. This is how the application work to share and receive data between gadgets.


Xender for iOS is the best in class sharing application today that all iOS must have. It allows faster sharing and receiving of documents without hassles.


Xender for Pc on Windows 7/8.1/10 | Download Xender App

Xender for Pc: Xender is basically an android application used for transferring files from one device to another device. Xender for PC is basically android application used for sharing files in PC by using android emulators or any other methods. Before the use of this application file was sent by PC using the wired connection or through Bluetooth to other devices.

The application of Xender uses Wi-Fi signal for transferring files. Previously Bluetooth method was quite slow in transferring the large files. And wired connection required external devices. Now with the help of application Xender file transferring is pretty simple and fast. For file transferring function Xender application is consider to be the best and most trust of all applications.

Download Xender for Pc, iPhone and Windows:

This application is basically made for Smartphone and tablets but with the use of emulator present over the internet it can be easily used on PC. In this article we will find out the way to install Xender on windows PC.

xender for pc

The steps of downloading and installing Xender application on your PC will be mention in this article below. With the help of the steps Xender can be install in windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and also xp. But before going to the downloading steps of this application, let us see what the requirements for downloading this app are.

Xender App Requirements for Pc, iPhone and Windows:

The basic requirements for installing the Xender app on your PC are as follows:

  • For downloading and installing the Xender app on your PC, it should have at least 4GB of RAM. It’s not a tough requirement as nowadays all PC windows are of 4GB RAM.
  • A graphics or video card of 1GB is require for the proper functioning of the Xender app in future on your PC windows.
  • For comfortable and free running of Xender application on your system, local c drive of the system should have at least 5GB of free space.
  • The laptop should have wifi device which is the core principal for transferring the files through Xender.
  • So these are the basic requirement of the Xender app for the proper running of the application.

 Download Xender App for Pc, iPhone and Windows:

For downloading and installing the Xender app on your windows PC an android emulator is require. There are many android emulators present in the market. We would discuss the download and installation of Xender app on PC with Bluestacks emulator. To download and install Xender app with the help of Bluestacks emulator follow these steps:

  • Download the apk file of the Xender application and right click and open it using the Bluestacks emulator. But first, you have to go to bluestacks website for downloading the Bluestacks application.
  • After installing the Bluestacks app open the apk file using that app and the installation process for Xender application will begin.
  • After the successful installation of Xender App, an icon will be seen on the screen of bluestacks. Open the application and enjoy the fast sharing of large files through your PC.

xender for pc


How to use Xender App for Pc, iPhone and Windows:

The easiest method to use Xender application on windows PC is by using web Xender. For this method there no need of using any android emulators. This is particularly a browser based application and by this method, you can connect your smartphone to laptop or desktop for transferring files from one device to another. This is pretty compact in comparison with the apk file of the Xender for Pc application.

xender for pc

Features of Xender for PC, iPhone and Windows Application:

  • The involvement of yours or joining this Xender family will be a great experience for you and you will be amaze by seeing the rate of file transfer.
  • With the help of this application, you can share music files, image and video files, contacts, recordings, and applications.
  • The components are near about same as other file sharing applications but the usage of the application is exceptional.
  • With Xender app you can share files from dissimilar devices. Xender can send files from different types of devices like iOS devices, android devices, windows devices.


The ratings of Xender application on Google play store is very good and near about 97000 people have rate it a five star. The application has over 10 million download. This article was totally base on sharing files using the app Xender for Pc , hope so that you all understood the functionality.

Xender Alternatives | Alternative Apps Like Android & iOS Devices

Xender Alternatives: Xender is one of the most know and popular apps among the android users nowadays. Xender app shares any type of files between the different types of devices like it’s for now compatible with mostly all the operating system like Android, PC and IOS devices. With xender the user can transfer files between android and iPhone, and this versatility is the reason for the amount of love xender has got today.

Xender Alternatives and Similar App Shareit:

SHAREit is the best app to replace the Xender app. It is the most widely used file transfer application in the whole world. Whether the users want to transfer large videos, images, data files, or documents, SHAREit will do it in less time.  This Android app helps in transfer of data with speeds without using the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network. Even if the user wants to share the apps with the other devices, they can easily do that with this tool. SHAREit has a very easy to use graphical interface and thus makes it pretty convenient to transfer files. The user can connect up to 5 devices at a time.

Features of Shareit app:

  • This app can share any kind of file within less time.
  • It is 10 times faster than the Bluetooth.
  • The user is not supposed to have any USB or Internet Connection or Mobile data.
  • The fastest transfer ever and the highest speed goes up to 10MB/s.
  • The user can transfers files from one Phone to Computer.
  • Shareit is supported in all operating system like Android, PC/ Laptop, iOS, iPad, Windows and Mac.
  • The user can share files with many people by using the Group Sharing option.

Xender Alternatives and Similar App CShare:

CShare is also a great tool for transferring the files between mobile devices. This app is offering high transfer speed, this tool can share the files which merely includes like games, apps, videos, songs, and much more. The sharing devices just need to be in the close proximity.cshare

Features of CShare:

CShare Android app provides a faster speed in the transfer of files between phones in a less period of time. The interface of the application is simple and yet powerful too. CShare allows the secure, zero flow information sharing on the device without using any of the Bluetooth, 2G/3G, the internet or the Wifi network. All one need to have CShare install on ones and the receiver end in order to send and receive files of multiple formats assured with a high transmission of speed. The file transfer sped of charge is at the rate of ten times higher than 3G and thirty times higher than the Bluetooth.

Xender Alternatives and Similar App Zapya:

Zapya too has become very popular file sharing and transfer app in the recent past days. This app is also capable of transferring all types of files across many Operating system platforms which includes iOS, Android, and Windows. Zapya is pretty fast The developers of this app claim that it can be as fast as 128 times the speed of Bluetooth. This means that all types of files can be transferred very quickly including the movies, songs, data files, and more.

Features of Zapya:

xender similar app


  • The user can file sharing using the the Wi-Fi network.
  • App data backup
  • App sharing
  • Running games over the Wi-FI network
  • Game downloads
  • Large speed sharing of files – Reaching up to 10 Mb/ second.
  • Sharing apps – A very convenient feature.
  • No data charges– There are no data charges involves in transferring the files between two devices with the zapya app. The file may be of any size and any format it doesn’t matter, and it is free totally.
  • Speed- The zapya application is fast in speed transferring. The app can transfer any size of the file with a speed of about ten MB per second. This speed is very fast and is approx two hundred times faster than the Bluetooth application.
  • QR codes sharing– One more great feature of the app is that they can share files by making QR codes and the other user can scan their QR code and receive the data.
  • Security– The zapya app allows the users to protect their apps and therefore they can hide them in the locker of the app.
  • Offline chat – The app also provide the user with offline talking options when they don’t have internet options available they can use this option.
  • Multiple languages– For greater convenience for different users from all over the world the designers of the app has provided the app in multiple languages.

Xender Alternatives and Similar App SuperBeam:

SuperBeam is also pretty cool when it comes to file sharing. Just like the other apps, it also does not require any type of Wi-Fi or data network. It can transfer files at a very fast rate. A file of 1 GB can be transferred in a matter of 3-4 minutes using this awesome app. This remarkable tool also features unique QR code scanning which can easily connect with the other devices.

Features of SuperBeam:

  • Super-Charged File Transfer SuperBeam makes sharing of files between Android devices a breeze. It only uses WiFi direct technology to transmit data at very high speeds.


  • Sharing Has Never Been Easier With SuperBeam, the user does not have to memorize passwords or search for the other devices. The user can easily pair devices using QR codes, NFC or by just entering the sharing key.

Xender Alternatives and Similar App Software Data Cable:

The software data cable connects the phones, PC, tablets, Mac and TV and can also send contents including the messages, files, folders, photos, video etc. wirelessly at very fast speed. This app is just the one stop solution for all the file transfer needs while concerning for the user Android gadget.

software data cable

Features of Software Data Cable:

  • The fewer cables to carry the better
  • Seamlessly data transfer without any cost
  • Secret peer-to-peer message encryption
  • Keep files on phone in continuous sync with the PC or cloud
  • the user can also send contents like the file, folder, app, video, mp3 etc. to other phones wirelessly
  • the user can also send contents to computer without using the USB data cable
  • it is very easy to use – scan QR code to connect with the any gadget
  • Sync folders to the family storage (PC, laptop etc.) and cloud automatically
  • File manager – the user can organize and manage their files and apps easily
  • Transfer speed of up to 300Mb/s
  • Standard file transfer protocol
  • No mobile data plan impact
  • Secure data transfer in the private network
  • Extend mobile storage space without any cost


Xender is the best application to transfer and receives files from one device to another. And there are also so many apps availble for Xender Alternatives. which works as a Xender.

For more updates and latest notification on this stay tuned with us!


Shareit Vs Xender Features for Android, iOS and PC

Xender: We have come across lots of files transferring applications and these have enabled us to share files with our friends faster than any possible means available. It doesn’t matter what kind file it is; it may be a music file or a video file or a document, whatever file it might be we can share these files with the help of these applications.

SHAREit and Xender are said to be at the top of these applications; these are use by people all over the globe. Being the best applications they are, they also provide us with the best possible features any file sharing application can offer. A lot of times I came across debates about “which is the best between SHAREit and Xender?” Both of these are the best, and you cannot compare between these two, but people always keep on debating about the best between these two. So her I will discuss the features of both these applications and then we will decide who is the best between them.

Shareit App Features for Android and iOS:

This application was launched in the market a few years back and form that time it has left its users in awe with its fast file transfers. So let us know about its features now.

  • Well, SHAREit has its own network connection, so no need to run around with the USB cables and no need to create any new connections.
  • It is quite faster than any other file transfer options, to be precise it can be said that it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • SHAREitdosen’t use too much of your battery power so now you can save your battery and share files with others.
  • SHAREit enables you to share files with five different devices at the same point, and you can share multiple files at the same time.

features of shareit app

So these are the features of SHAREit. So now let’s take a look at the features of Xender.

Xender App Features for Android and iOS:

It has launch a few years ago, and now it is one of the best file sharing application there is. So let’s take a look at its features.

  • It is about 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and it doesn’t need any extra connections like USB, etc. it has its own connection.
  • Files can be share between 4 devices at a time from the same point and between different Platforms.
  • It doesn’t use up much of your battery power, so share as many files as you want.
  • All you need to do is create a group and ask the people with whom you will be sharing the files to join that group.

features of xender app


So after comparing both these applications, it can easily be said that both these applications are quite similar.

You can download any of this application, both of them are the best, but I would suggest that you go for SHAREit as this has a slight edge over the other. So go ahead and download the application which you feel is good and share files with you friends without worrying about your battery power. So go and get Xender App now!